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The UK is undergoing an unsafe cladding crisis. Since 2017, important regulations on the materials and maintenance of cladding on high rise buildings has been introduced to ensure the safety of residents. It is estimated that there are currently 650,000 people living in flats with unsafe cladding (the Association of Residential Managing Agents).

How can we help you?

In essence, we bring our expertise and know how to make your building compliant with regulations and, in turn, safe for its residents. We have long standing relationships with partners who bring integrity to the recladding process. We work with you and your design team to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics or building performance and we work in a way that limits disturbance to residents, businesses and pedestrians.

We stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cladding safety. We pride ourselves on being experts in this field and our relationships with key industry bodies that work to protect homeowners, such as the National House Building Council, BRE, Efectis, BB7, MLM and Exova/Element.

Our Approach

Quality Assurance: Quality assurance inspection and reporting is carried out at each stage to ensure installation is carried out in accordance with the design, specification and testing requirements.

Stage 1:


Our expert in-house team complete desktop analysis of the existing design documentation to identify key areas for further investigation. A thorough intrusive inspection takes place of the existing façade to understand the as built condition and any variances to the design information. Cladding sections are removed from the existing building and insulation, fire barriers and support systems are surveyed and a detailed report issued. Errigal work with key stakeholders to gain access and ensure limited disruption for occupants.

Stage 2:

Design & Specification

Our highly skilled team of in-house designers and façade managers work directly with our clients to recommend a remedial solution that incorporates the building performance and aesthetics while striving to maintain original planning intent.

We have solid relationships with trusted and proven suppliers who we work with to maintain Quality Assurance procedures from manufacture right through to delivery of material

Stage 3:

Fire Testing

Where it is deemed required to demonstrate compliance to regulations via testing, Errigal will design and build rigs accordingly to comply with fire testing criteria such as BS8414 and EN13501. From material procurement and logistics to the building and burn of the rig, we take the lead on all aspects of the fire testing process to ensure smooth sailing for the client.

Stage 4:

Construction Works

Errigal can offer all scopes to facilitate the reclad of the building, including logistics and access through our key supply chain partners.

Once building works commence, isolated areas are ‘stripped’ and re-clad in single visits to minimise exposure to the building envelope and minimise impact on residents, businesses and pedestrians. We work with all building stakeholders to agree programme durations and sequencing for the works.

Stage 5:

Sign off

We liaise with regulatory bodies to ensure the works are signed off in compliance with the regulations and required standards.

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