At Errigal, we know that people and the environment are closely linked. We are firmly committed to caring for and protecting the environment, through Errigal as a business and in all our client projects.  We do our best to manage our own overall environmental footprint while also actively encouraging clients and the industry with initiatives focused on sustainable building and protecting the environment during the design and construction process.

We operate within a number of robust environmental standards and make a positive contribution to meeting the targets set by awarding bodies such as ISO14001 & BREEAM by:

• Requesting that packaging be removed by suppliers before delivery, where possible.
• Requesting that all pallets used as part of material deliveries are recyclable.
• Providing off-site prefabrication and cutting of Metal Studwork, Plasterboard and timber grounds to minimise dust generated on site
• Pre-ordering metal to match site dimensions.
• Pre-ordering plasterboard to size.
• Ensuring that all timber supplied is FSC certified.
• Vacuum attachments used on all equipment involved dust generating tasks (cutting, sanding etc) to extract dust at the source and minimise dust levels on site.

It is Errigal’s policy to maintain our existing environmental management system in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001 international environmental management system standard. In implementing our Environmental policy, and identifying the environmental aspects and associated impacts applicable to our business, Errigal always considers:

• Emissions to air
• Releases to water
• Releases to land
• Use of raw materials and natural resources
• Use of energy
• Energy emitted (e.g. Heat, radiation, vibration, noise, light)
• Generation of waste
• Use of space

Our environmental objectives, which are realised through the ISO 14001 process and reflect our overall commitment to be an environmentally conscious and responsible organisation that has a positive impact on the local and global environment.